Emily & Marcus.


"Like second nature, you're just like breathing."

On a rainy day in November, we joined Emily & Marcus for their engagement session. There was rain, tender hugs, and a lot of laughs. We know that rain can be a big downer for some people but E&M handled the rain like champs and came prepared. They embraced the day and made the best out of it. They are soft spoken humans but their love is loud and you can immediately see that when you're around them. It was such a pleasure getting to hang out with these two. We cant wait to see more of them and the awesomeness that will be their wedding.

Emily & Marcus, heres to you two!

All the love.
- Tim & Jon.



Then we got PIZZA afterwards at one of the best pizza spots in OTR. We continued to talk about their relationship and other fun wedding details. Emily and Marcus were a blast! We cant thank them enough for hanging out with us.

Jon Medina