Cincinnati Wedding Photographers

what we stand by

Friends. Never clients.


Time. Patience. Love.

Planning a wedding takes a lot of each, and so much more. Marriage brings into focus everything your relationship is, was, and will be. Your wedding, then, crystallizes those moments into a single, emotional day. With so much to consider and plan for, photography and videography can sometimes be an afterthought, a box to check off as you plan and prepare.


Hunter & Light doesn’t want to be another checkbox. For us, your time is valuable, your experience is paramount, and your friendship, well, your friendship is priceless. We want to work for you, and with you, to capture the moments, and allow you to relive those moments well after the day is over. Your past is preserved for your future.

What does it take to work with Hunter & Light? Whatever you’re willing to invest. Investment isn’t just a monetary thing, though, it’s emotional and collaborative, it’s the creation of a team, one where vulnerability is necessary on both sides of the lens to create and capture what’s really “you.” Location doesn’t really matter, it’s the people and the moments. If you’re ready to get a little weird, aren’t afraid of getting dirty, and willing to have some fun, we’re going to get along just fine. No matter the destination - your home, a distant locale, or a coffee shop right around the corner - we’ll be with you every step of the way.