Angela & Brittany


“Give me love.”

What an absolute honor. To be a part of Angela & Brittany’s wedding day was not only a honor but it was a day we will never forget. Our friendship with these two started about a year ago and our friendship has only blossomed since then. These two are beautiful people inside and out. A&B have been to hell and back but nothing has stopped them from being together and living their lives to the fullest. If the world had more Angelas and Brittanys, the world would be such a better place.

A&B eloped with their closest of close in Washington Park on a hot June day. What we witnessed was more than just love, it was true beauty. These two dedicated themselves not only to each other but to their community as well. We said it once but we are going to say it again, these two are amazing people. We are beyond thankful and cant thank these two enough for coming into our lives. Love the both of you A&B.

All the love.
Tim & Jon

Jon Medina