Jacquelyn & Tyler


"Love of mine."

This. This has been a looooong time coming. We honestly have no words for these two and what they have done for our lil company. J&T trusted in us before our business picked up. They saw something in us before anyone else ever really gave us a chance and for that we are grateful. J&T referred us to so many friends who you have seen on the site and by the time this January came around it was their turn. With a January wedding at the Bell Event Center in Pendleton, Ohio it was their time to shine. Their wedding was them, they did it their way and you could tell. From the flowers, the lighting, the snow(yay), every last detail spoke of J&T. From the first time we met, they treated us like friend and we can proudly say that we have gained an amazing community of people because of them. They are warm hearted, radiant, bold in their love, and inclusive. We can't thank these two enough for the journey they took us on. We love yall.

- Tim & Jon