Zach & Tim

"I've got the good side of you"

Happy Pride month to all amazing humans in the LGBTQIA community!!! We wanted to showcase one of our very own Tim. Tim is one of our Co-Founders and he is an amazing person all around. We are featuring his boyfriend Zach alongside Tim in a really simple photoshoot we did a few months back. I(jon) have seen Tim in his highs and his lows. When he's around Zach, Tim is the happiest he can be. It's such a beautiful thing to witness as a friend and I hope it never ends. I applaud these two for never being afraid to show the world who they are and for just straight up being themselves. The love that these two have for each other is genuine, down to earth, and radiant. As a friend I think I could write pages on why their happiness makes me happy but I truly believe their love for each other is something that you just have to witness. I hope these photographs do your love justice. Love you both.



Jon Medina